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3D Art 4 Kids with Tynker and Minecraft

Grades 2-4

This art program uses Minecraft to design, craft and create amazing 3D sculptures and pixel art. Participants will use Minecraft and other art tools as their canvas to create unique artwork. Using our online servers, participants will join our virtual gallery through Minecraft Education Edition where they will study, create, craft and work with other kids to create their art masterpieces.


January 18


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Goals and Learning Objectives
  • Learn about composing and framing a photo in Minecraft
  • Appreciate creating art for public display
  • Understand how to import/export 3D design files using Minecraft
  • Use concepts covering scale, size and scope to plan and manage art projects
  • Learn to mod textures in Minecraft using Tynker
Projects and Activities
  • Create multiple art pieces using Minecraft and other 3D art programs
  • Create pixel art projects
  • Make an art exhibit
  • Review other works to produce constructive feedback
  • Take photos within your Minecraft world

Primary Computer Device:

  • Windows 8, 10 or 11
  • or Mac OS
  • or Chromebook


Additional Tech Used:

  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Web Camera
  • Minecraft Education Edition
  • Tynker
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More Information About This Camp
Topics and Skills Covered
  • 2D pixel art
  • 3D digital art
  • Brainstorming
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Constructive feedback
  • Digital photography
  • Minecraft design
  • Problem solving
  • Scope and scale
  • Time management
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