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Digital Fashion Design

Grades 4-10

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion designer? In this program, you will learn the ins and outs about fashion design and use your creativity to design your own set of clothes using cutting-edge software. You will learn about the fashion industry and what it takes to bring your creations to the next level. No prior experience is necessary. All skill levels are welcome.


January 18


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Goals and Learning Objectives
  • Learn to define and provide examples of form, fit and function
  • Learn how to create your own style that is unique
  • Learn how to digitally develop clothing
  • Learn how to use Tailornova fashion software
  • Review the steps it takes to become a fashion designer
  • Understand the basic principles of fashion design
Projects and Activities
  • Digitally designing at least two sets of outfits
  • Practice ideas such as form, fit, and function in design
  • Share & review fashions using constructive feedback techniques
  • Use digital tools to create your own personal style

Primary Computer Device:

  • Windows 8, 10 or 11
  • or Mac OS


Additional Tech Used:

  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Web Camera
  • Tailornova
  • Croquis and patterns shared for course
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More Information About This Camp
Topics and Skills Covered
  • Brainstorming
  • Clothing design
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Constructive feedback
  • Creative expression
  • Digital art design
  • Digital art techniques
  • Digital art tools
  • Digital design tools
  • Fashion
  • Form, fit and function
  • Importing/Exporting files
  • Iterative design
  • Scope and scale
  • Style, design and aesthetic principles
  • Tailornova software
  • Time management
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