Science of Minecraft: Chemistry and Physics

Do you have a curiosity about science, chemistry and physics? If you enjoy Minecraft, this program was created to teach participants about these exciting STEM topics using Minecraft as the laboratory to design, craft and test out experiments through virtual simulations. In our physics lessons, participants will learn about the science of kinetic and potential energy, speed, acceleration, and gravity. In our Minecraft physics lab participants work toward building the ultimate scientific laboratory and work in our virtual campground to build and test physics theories with science-themed builds. Our chemistry lessons will teach participants about atoms, molecules and elements. The chemistry labs will explore the periodic table and create tests to see how the chemicals react – participants will create compounds using molecules and focus on “reactions” by creating things like sparklers, glowsticks, and floating balloons. The program day will be broken into two sections, one spent working on learning about science and engineering using Minecraft, and the other dedicated to learning chemistry concepts. No prior experience is necessary! All skill levels are welcome.

Topics & Skills Covered:Goals & Objectives
– 3D design
– Brainstorming
– Building design
– Chemistry concepts such as molecules & reactions
– Collaboration and communication
– Complex builds/designs
– Constructive feedback
– Creative expression
– Critical thinking
– Experimentation
– Exploration of digital possibilities
– Iterative design
– Large-scale build projects
– Level design
– Minecraft construction
– Minecraft design
– Physics concepts such as potential/kinetic energy
– Problem solving
– Redstone
– Scientific method
– Scope and scale
– Style, design and aesthetic principles
– Time management
– Introduction to chemistry with a focus on atoms, molecules and elements
– Introduction to physics with a focus on potential and kinetic energy, speed, acceleration and gravity
– Minecraft-based lab work focused on the periodic table and chemical reactions
– Minecraft-based lab work focused on the science behind Minecraft
– Use Minecraft to build the ultimate machine
– Use Minecraft to experiment with elements, explore the periodic table and create chemical reactions


    Aug 16 - 20 2021


    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Local Time

    • Timezone: America/New_York
    • Date: Aug 16 - 20 2021
    • Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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    Rising Grade Level

    Grades 4-10