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For Tech Loving Kids & Teens
Entering Grades 2 through 10

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Each of our online summer camps come with its own unique milestones and achievements. For some campers these subjects will be entirely new, while others might be extensions of what they already know. Accomplishing new tasks will increase campers self-confidence and willingness to learn. After spending time at camp, campers will have the internal support and motivation to try new things, build new relationships, and become more independent. Learning lifelong skills helps children develop into strong, successful adults. Things like communication, cooperation, and critical thinking are essential for success in life, and children who learn these skills early on will have a big advantage.

In our Game Design and Game Coding camps, young gamers will have the opportunity to explore and design platform-style 2D game experiences. They will learn about game design principles, iterative game development, and how to make games fun and engaging. In addition, they will also understand platforming elements in games, which is commonly used in many popular titles today.

Our video and animation camps take campers from defining their story to creating a pre-recorded video. Campers learn how to create and use a storyboard, work with cameras and other equipment, understand the principles of digital filmmaking, as well as basic editing and rendering features of video editing software. 

Our Programming Camps are the perfect place to learn all about coding and how it can be used to solve puzzles and complex problems. Campers will learn to design and build game features with code blocks, understand how to use drag and drop tools, and understand the basic principles of coding.

In our Graphic Design Camps, we use technology to help campers create fun and inspiring art projects. Our camps are designed to teach them how to build digital art from scratch, using programs like Procreate. Campers will learn how to take non-digital art projects and edit them on a tablet, as well as work on digital painting and illustration with inspiring prompts. We also review different types of digital art tools that are designed specifically for kid and teens.

Campers spend the week exploring the world of Minecraft and what it takes to create in this digital environment. They will learn how to brainstorm ideas, set goals, and work cooperatively with others to achieve success. Campers will also come away with a better understanding of how to communicate and cooperate constructively in a collaborative setting.

Fortnite Camps

In our Fortnite Camps, your mission is to develop 3D worlds, puzzles and problems and explore how to build 3D game worlds. To accomplish this, you will learn how to use variables, collision detection, functions, loops, and other computer science concepts.

Roblox Camps

In our Roblox Camps, campers learn the basics of coding and game development. They will first learn how to use the Roblox Studio editor to edit and write LUA code. Then they will learn how to design and build a Roblox experience, using LUA to modify the game. Finally, they will learn to manage data and variables, compute basic calculations, find and fix errors.

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