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Science of Minecraft Camp
At Villanova University
Week 2: Aug 1 - Aug 5
For Rising 4th - 10th Graders

Rising Grade Level

Grades 4-10




main Camp hours

9:00am to 4:00pm
Free Hot Lunch Included
Extended Day Program Included


Drop Off: 8:30am to 9:00am
Pick Up: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

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Morning Focus
Science of Minecraft: Chemistry and Physics
Do you have a curiosity about science, chemistry and physics? This program was created to teach participants about these exciting STEM topics using Minecraft as the laboratory to design, craft and test experiments through virtual simulations. In our physics lessons, participants will learn about the science of kinetic and potential energy, speed, acceleration, and gravity. Our chemistry lessons will teach participants about atoms, molecules and elements. The chemistry labs will explore the periodic table and create tests to see how the chemicals react – participants will create compounds using molecules and focus on “reactions” by creating things like sparklers, glowsticks, and floating balloons. In this program participants work toward building the ultimate scientific laboratory in our virtual campground to build and test scientific concepts through science-themed builds. No prior experience is necessary! All skill levels are welcome.
Afternoon Focus
Minecraft Missions
Are you ready to join a team of pro-builders? Join our multiplayer servers to develop your construction, leadership and team skills to accomplish unique missions as part of a group. Use your imagination to collaborate with your fellow team members to design and build a large-scale Minecraft Mission; no two challenges are alike. Creativity, critical thinking and communication will be your keys to success! This offering can be taken multiple times, each session is unique.

Additional camp information

Goals and Learning Objectives
  • Become familiar with chemistry with a focus on atoms, molecules and elements
  • Understand physics with a focus on potential and kinetic energy, speed, acceleration and gravity
  • Create Minecraft-based lab work focused on the periodic table and learn about chemical reactions
  • Learn how Minecraft can be used to build with concepts like physics in mind
  • Learn how Minecraft can be used to experiment with elements, explore the periodic table and create chemical reactions
  • Explore the principles of creating dynamic multiplayer challenges
  • Identify ways to implement different methods and techniques of project-based building
  • Learn to develop a fully realized build challenge as part of a team
  • Work on sophisticated design problems for large-scale structures
  • Understand the importance of communication while working as a member of a team
Hardware Information

Tech Used At Camp:

  • Windows Computer


Tech to Bring to Camp:

  • Headphones with¬†microphone (standard connection jack)
Software Used
  • Minecraft


Rising 4th Graders:

  • Campers who will be rising 4th graders have the option to take this program, or the older camper program
  • We find the some rising 4th graders, and their parents, may find that their skills and/or personality work best with the younger or older campers. We leave the choice to the family on which program will work best for their children