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Summer Session 1
Minecraft & Roblox
June 20 - June 24
Rising 4th - 10th Graders

Rising Grade Level

Grades 4-10



main Camp hours

9:00am to 4:00pm
Free Hot Lunch Included
Extended Day Program Included


Drop Off: 8:30am to 9:00am
Pick Up: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

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Morning Focus
Minecraft Adventures
Are you up to building the ultimate Minecraft adventure? Learn how to design, build and create your own Minecraft minigames and adventure maps in this highly interactive program, as you cooperate and compete against others with fun level design challenges. Our expert instructors will help you explore your creativity and problem-solving skills as you navigate the various construction challenges while working with Minecraft as your primary design engine. You’ll learn about game design techniques and work to create fun, yet challenging game maps. Your adventures will focus on worlds that feature collaboration, competition and fast-paced decision making. All Minecraft skill levels are welcome.
Afternoon Focus
Roblox: Designing Obbys & Adventures
This program is designed for participants who want to learn how to create their own game levels using Roblox, a gaming platform where participants can play and build game worlds. Produce your own immersive experiences, Obbys, and platformer-style games. With Roblox as your engine, your game is only limited by your imagination. During the program, you will learn how to build 3D adventures, races, and obstacle courses.

Additional camp information

Goals and Learning Objectives

Morning Goals

  • Basic primer on Redstone circuits and inventions
  • Design and build an adventure map
  • Principles of creating dynamic and interesting 3D game world
  • Learn about command blocks and commands
  • Learn about constructing 3D adventure maps and minigames
  • Understand the range of genres, aesthetic issues, and technical challenges within Minecraft
  • Understand the principles of game design


Afternoon Goals

  • Creating game worlds
  • Introduction to 3D game design principles
  • Introduction to developing obstacle courses
  • Give feedback on other worlds to help creators
  • Learn about immersive and interactive gaming environments
  • Learn to design and test games
  • Learn to build interactive game maps and obbys using Roblox Studio
  • Understand how to build multiple game experiences with at least two game genres
  • Learn to create immersive and interactive gaming environments
  • Learn to create several puzzles and adventure maps
  • Learn to use the Roblox game design tools
  • Understand how to test and provide feedback for game development
  • Understand how to build improved versions of maps based on game-tester feedback”
Hardware Information

Tech Used At Camp:

  • Windows Computer

Tech to Bring to Camp:

  • Headphones with¬†microphone (standard connection jack)
Software Used
  • Minecraft EDU
  • Roblox
  • Roblox Studio